⚰️Make Your Wallet Inheritable

What happens to your wallet when you die?

Your crypto is more than just digital tokens, they're a part of your legacy.

And with the rise of cryptocurrencies, a new question has arised: "What happens to my crypto when I die?". The flagship product of Safe Haven's ecosystem, Inheriti®, offers a revolutionary and secure way ensure your wallet is passed on securely and trustlessly.

Setting Up Your Crypto Inheritance Plan with Inheriti®

  1. Acquire SafeKey Devices: Begin by obtaining several SafeKey devices from safekey.be.

  2. Encrypt and Fragment Your Wallet Data: Head over to inheriti.com to encrypt essential wallet data, such as your private key and seed phrase. This data is then fragmented into multiple unreadable shares.

  3. Primary Storage of Encrypted Shares: These shares are stored on your SafeKey device(s), ensuring you always have primary access.

  4. Decentralized Backup: In addition to your SafeKey, Inheriti® creates backup shares which are stored on multiple storage layers such as the blockchain and cloud.

  5. Destroy Any Evidence: With the knowledge that your data is securely fragmented and stored, you can destroy any paper or document that contains sensitive information.

  6. Involve Your Beneficiaries: Hand over a SafeKey to every individual you intend to include in your crypto inheritance plan. This action ensures they have the necessary piece of the puzzle to access your wallet when the time comes.

  7. Inheritance Plan Execution: For your heirs or beneficiaries to access the encrypted data, they must come together to recombine the shares. This process ensures your wallet remains secure and can only be accessed with collective effort.

Diversifying the distribution of SafeKeys among trusted family members or beneficiaries not only ensures a seamless transition of your wallet, but also adds an extra layer of security. If one share is lost, the inheritance can still be accessed by including a backup share.

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