Inheriti® is a dApp that, together with SafeKey Pro, helps you to safely manage, store and transfer your digital assets or other secret data like private keys, seed phrases, passwords, ...

What is Inheriti®?

️Inheriti® is an online platform designed to help users create encrypted, decentralized protection plans in the form of digital inheritance plans or data backup plans to help them protect their sensitive data.

With the rise of digital assets and data people own, it has become increasingly important to have a secure and reliable way to protect and backup valuable data.

Inheriti® solves this by providing users a safe and secure tool to create decentralized and encrypted protection plans depending on their needs.


In today's digital age, we store more and more of our sensitive data online. From personal information like credit card details, social security numbers, medical records, to passwords and private keys to access digital assets like cryptocurrencies and online accounts.

The amount of sensitive information we store digitally is constantly growing.

However, despite the convenience of storing data online, on your hard drive or just on a piece of paper, they also present a significant risk.

Data breaches, phishing, theft, hacks and other cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, leaving individuals and businesses vulnerable to having their sensitive data stolen or compromised.

Additionally, in the event of an individual's death, their digital assets and online accounts can be difficult to access and transfer to beneficiaries or business partners.


Inheriti® offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges mentioned above. By leveraging decentralized technologies and encryption, Inheriti® provides a secure environment for individuals, families and businesses to protect their digital assets and sensitive data.

Inheriti® enables users to create decentralized and encrypted protection plans tailored to their specific needs.

With Comet, you'll be able to pay with SHA tokens to set up Protection Plans via Inheriti®.

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