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Comet 2.0.1

  • Fixed a bug when switching currencies (Dollar vs Euro)
  • Fixed a bug causing restored wallet and created wallet not being the same
  • Fixed a bug causing third party websites not working on testnet

Comet 2.0

  • Add custom tokens (all VIP180 tokens)
  • Switch between mainnet and testnet environment
  • Create multiple wallets
  • Switch between wallets
  • Import wallet (Keystore or private key)
  • Restore wallet (seed phrase)
  • Export wallet (Keystore or private key)
  • Manage token list
  • Total wallet balance visible
  • Change wallet password
  • Change wallet currency (dollar / euro)
  • Hide tokens with 0 balance

Comet 1.0 [Deprecated]

  • VeChain
  • Only 3 tokens: VET, VTHO and SHA
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