🗃️Backup Your Private Key

Avoid text documents or writing down your private keys and seed phrases on a piece of paper. Make a decentralized, encrypted backup instead.

Your private key is the gateway to your wallet and cryptocurrencies. Losing access to it or having it compromised can lead to irreversible consequences.

So, you better make sure to have a secure backup for it.

While traditional methods of backing up your private key like writing them down on paper or storing them in a text file are risky and outdated, the flagship product of Safe Haven's ecosystem, Inheriti®, offers a revolutionary and secure way to backup your data.

How to backup your private key or seed phrase?

  1. Get SafeKey Devices: Acquire one or more SafeKey devices through safekey.be.

  2. Encrypt and Split Your Data: Navigate to inheriti.com to encrypt your private key (or seed phrase) and divide it into multiple shares.

  3. Store Encrypted Shares: Inheriti® will store these encrypted shares on your SafeKey device(s).

  4. Decentralized Backup Storage: In addition to your SafeKey, Inheriti® creates backup shares which are stored on multiple storage layers such as the blockchain and cloud.

  5. Destroy Any Evidence: With your data securely encrypted and stored, you can safely destroy any paper or document containing your private key or seed phrase.

  6. Decryption and Data Retrieval: Should you ever need to access your private key or seed phrase, the multiple encrypted data shares must be recombined through Inheriti®. This ensures that even if one storage method is compromised, your data remains inaccessible without the complete set of shares.

Protect what's important

Using Inheriti® for your backups doesn't just restrict you to private keys or seed phrases.

You can securely backup any sensitive data, ensuring it's both protected from threats and accessible when needed.

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